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What We Do:
WAG-N-TRAIN is the home pet-care service you have been looking for so . . .
All aboard!
We are your affordable, personal pet care alternative to an impersonal, caged drop-off. WAG-N-TRAIN promises the same love and attention you give your  fur-babies. In other words, we treat your pets as if they were ours including customizing the care for each pet's individual needs. We offer dog and cat sitting, dog walking for dog sitting clients and basic dog obedience training.  Typically, your pet is cared for in your home. However, there are circumstances where sitting your pooch can take place in our home.
Training can be done while we sit or on a schedule that works for you. A well-trained pooch makes everyone happier and makes your pets even more lovable than they already are.
Laura would be happy to arrange a free initial meet-n-greet with you and your fur-babies so we can all rub noses and get acquainted. Just give us a call at 972. 251.0553 or email us at,
[email protected]

We offer first-time client discounts !
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    Dog and Cat Sitting
    Need us to feed/water and care for your dog(s) or cat(s) according to their specific needs? We can come to your house 2 to 3 times a day or even stay overnight while you are out of town. Fees depend on number and duration of visits, and number of pets. Cats: $20 per visit, $55 overnight Dogs: $20 for 1 to 2 dogs, $25 for 3 or more. Dogs overnight: $55 Boarding at my home done with small dogs only - restrictions apply
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    Hospice Care for Your Pet
    The unthinkable happens. Suddenly you are faced with a serious health crisis or end-of-life issue and you are not able to spend every waking moment with your beloved pet. Laura offers love and care for your sick or terminal pet while you are at work or otherwise unable to be fully present for him/her. Ask about special rates for this sacred service.
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    Training Services
    Sit, Down, Stay! Basic Obedience Training now available. Ask about pricing A well-trained dog is a joy to behold. Not to mention, they always get invited to all the cool places - YES, Please!
If you are planning on adding another set of four paws to your family, please consider adoption from the local shelter or any of the excellent agencies listed below. Stay clear of unvetted breeders and of pet stores that sell animals for profit. Those animals are most likely from puppy mills.
               So save a life and adopt!
Paws in the City: www.pawsinthecity.org
Eastlake Pet Orphanage: www.elpo.org
Animal Rescue of Texas: www.animalrescueoftexas.org

DFW Rescue Me:

The Humane Society of Dallas County:

Hi, I'm Ricky! That's me over there to the right with my sister, Lilly. Mom, (above),  says I get to offer a tip every month in my own "corner" so here goes:
Some of my furry, four legged friends may be a wee bit of a challenge to take on a walk. There's all that pulling and strianing at the leash stuff. Here is what mom did for me when I wasn't exactly a model walker: First she got me a halter that has the leash attachement at THE CHEST instead of the back. Made it harder for me to pull.
As soon as we got outside, she would tighten the leash just enough so that I couldn't start pulling out ahead and she started walking me several steps in one direction, then stop. She would then turn 90 degrees in the other direction and walk several steps before stopping agian. This was followed by another 90 degree turn and several more steps. We did this for a about 3 minutes until I understood that SHE was in charge of the walk! It also helped calm me down. Then she slackened the leash and we started off down the street. As soon as I began to pull, she would just stop and wait.  When I turned towards her to go, "huh?", she then rewarded me (I guess giving her my attention was a good thing) with a treat and brought me back to her standing position. We started to walk again with a loose leash. When I pulled again, she stopped and repeated the above procedure. I didn't like all that stopping so eventually I tried walking a little slower just a few paces in front of mom. AS SOON as I did that, she gave me a yummy treat! So I did it again just to test her - annother treat! Several times I got distracted and we had to stop again. But after a few weeks of practice each day, I got the message and now we have great walks together!
WAG-N-TRAIN: We care about your pets like they were our own